Is it better to hire  the outsourcing  software development company or remote freelancers?

Is it better to hire the outsourcing software development company or remote freelancers?

On the Central and Eastern European market there are many companies offering services related to software development, both large agencies and smaller companies. Additionally, you can also find people acting independently – freelancers or independent experts. Who to choose? Who can you trust and entrust with developing your software solution or creating a project from a sketch?

Cooperation with a huge software development agency

Usually, after entering the phrase software development company, a link will appear on the 1st page of Google search engine leading to the largest players in the industry. It is natural that the most popular and largest companies occupy high positions in Google. This will most likely be your first contact point with an external outsourcing partner. 

What does contact and cooperation look like?

Certainly this contact will be amazingly arranged, professional and in a sense automatic. Such companies often have well-organized communication processes and are able to conduct trade talks very skillfully. At first, you may have the feeling that there is no personalization in it and you feel that everything is done by machine without much thought – because contacts like you, large software companies have dozens a day. The cooperation after agreeing details with such a huge company is usually a big safety factor. A large software company will make sure that it does not disappear from the earth’s surface immediately after it makes a small mistake in the development of your project.

However, you need to be aware that such huge companies often handle hundreds of projects simultaneously. This means that the failure of your project will not cause their business to fail and will do everything to fix your project. Large software development outsourcing companies means security and a sense of professionalization, but in all this it is easy to lose the human factor and it is very difficult to contact CEO or CTO.

Cooperation with a medium software development agency

Medium software development company is usually a great choice because these companies are able to find the golden mean between the human factor, real contact with CTO or CEO and professional development. When you put your great idea into the hands of an external team of developers, you want to be convinced that they will do their job well. The person who will provide you with quality development is the company owner or technical director. In the case of a medium-sized company, you have almost 99% chance to discuss with a person who has a real impact on the company’s fate.

 In such companies, it is usually the case that they work simultaneously on a maximum of 20 projects. This is great news for you as a customer because you will be convinced that a software development agency depends on your project. Because the loss of a great customer is a huge blow to the medium software development agency.

Cooperation with a freelancer who is a developer

At the moment when you have to offer a small project with a specific, small budget, choosing one experienced developer will be a great idea. Such a person will usually advise you well, because it is in their direct interest to make a deal with you. Freelancers are usually developers who have a lot of experience in software development agency and have quit their jobs and started working on their own.

The biggest downside to working with a freelancer is that one person is working on your project, who very often has several projects simultaneously, which is quite chaotic and overworked. There is a high risk that you will not receive all the tasks on time and the contact will be difficult.

Freelancer or a huge software development agency is finally finished developing your project. However, if you need experience, expertise, regular contact, access to many people, well-managed processes and you have real, large needs, choosing a medium software development agency will also be a fantastic choice.